Ed Slade Area 51

The so called Aliens. The best evidence on the net or IF you have some pictures...hey you never know.

Ed Slade Area 51

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I now know the truth about UFO's and aliens now and it's also been confirmed by somebody that actually worked with the aliens at Area 51. Be sure to also watch the amazing video "Ed Slade Stew Webb Area 51" where Ed admits that the aliens at Area 51 are the fallen angels of the Bible. This comes from a man that worked at Area 51 and was responsible for putting us on the Moon!
Here's the full testimony of Ed Slade, who is the only area 51 scientist to ever step forward and tell the truth about what he saw there! He says that he found out that the aliens are the fallen angels as described by the Bible! He didn't find that out until the end of his career and they eventually killed him for speaking about it with microwave weapons that caused strokes but he does get the truth out here in this video. If you're interested in UFOs, you need to hear these two interviews that were done by Stew Webb a federal whistleblower who writes for VeteransToday.com VeteransToday is being used by US Intel to put out the truth so make sure you share their content! The patriots at US Intel writing for VeteransToday also talk about the demonic nature of these aliens. Be sure to read all the stories from Preston James concerning this topic.

Ed Slade Interview #1

Ed Slade Interview #2

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